air-ride PREMIUM kit 4-way - Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G


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Air-ride DIGITAL PREMIUM VIP - 4-way kit with shock absorbers

Dedicated to:

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G

Dedicated for Customer coilover suspension!
Measurements needed:

The PREMIUM VIP set is a digital control system based on a valve manifold and a remote control with a display. It allows you to control each bag separately - no air flows between the cushions! Smooth height adjustment and presets.  An interesting aspect is the aesthetic cover masking all connections and easy to modify.

Infinitely adjustable - you can set the car on different levels. 

System functions:
- Display of pressures in bags and tank
- Possibility to set 5 heights (by pressure)
- Automatic lifting function after ignition
- Automatic lowering function when ignition off
- Illuminated Keypad
- Android APP
- English language

Valve terminal with control unit
- Digital remote control displaying pressures and functions
- Black Piano cover masking the connections

- Tank: 15l  (optional other tank)
- Tank brackets 
- Compressor VIAIR 380C (optional other VIAIR)
- Pressure switch + Relay
- Aluminum Brackets for Bags
- Dedicated bags
- 6mm air hose: 25m
- metal fittings
- Water trap
- Other metal fittings for tank and bags

Other optional features:
- Shortening the front shock absorbers

The Black Gloss Cover made of ABS offers several options:
- Possibility to rotate the manifold in any direction and the logo will always be in the right direction
- Masks all the connections - electrical and the fittings for airhoses
- Easy possibility of processing plastic - gives an additional option of fitting
- As the cover does not reach the ground, has a minimum clearance - you can use it for an interesting underglow

WARRANTY 24 months!

Before purchasing ask about availability and waiting time.

air-RIDE sets do NOT have certificates and approvals on public roads.

Recommended by the producer - the pressure in the bags RUBENA 130: max 6 bar

illustrative photo!