air-ride PRO kit VIP 4-way - Skoda Octavia 1 fwd with shocks

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Air-ride PRO VIP - 4-way kit with shocks

Dedicated to:

Audi A3 8L
Audi TT mk1 8N
VW Golf 4
VW Bora
VW New Beetle
Seat Leon 1M
Seat Toledo 2 1M
Skoda Octavia 1

just for fwd versions

The PRO VIP allows you to control each bag separately. The speed is much faster than in BASIC kit. Each airspring has own valve - there is no any flow of air between the bags! The kit is based on a very good quality parts.
Infinitely adjustable - you can set the car on different levels. 

- Valves: HAFNER / METALWORK - type 5/3 - 1/4" - 4pcs
- Tank: 15l + tank brackets 
- Compressor VIAIR 380C (optional other VIAIR)
- Pressure switch + Relay
- Control: Remote control with 9 buttons
- Remote Wireless Control with 4 buttons
- Manometers: 2x 1,5" VIAIR (optional for the tank pressure)
- Aluminum Brackets for Bags
- Dedicated bags
- 6mm air hose: 25m
- Metal fittings
- Water trap
- Other metal fittings for tank and bags
- Shock absorbers

Other optional features:
- Camber Plates Front (gives the possibility of adjusting the angle and car can go a little lower) +130Euro
- Shortening the front shock absorbers + 120Euro



Before purchasing ask about availability and waiting time.
air-RIDE sets do NOT have certificates and approvals on public roads.
Recommended by the producer - the pressure in RUBENA bags 130: max 6 bar

illustrative photo!

Schematic example: