air-ride BEST PRICE kit VIP - Alfa Romeo Mito with shock absorbers


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Air-ride BEST PRICE VIP 4-way kit with shock absorbers

Dedicated to:

Alfa Romeo Mito

just for fwd versions

The BEST PRICE VIP kit allows you to control each bag separately. The speed is much faster than in BASIC kit. Each airspring has own valve - there is no any flow of air between the bags!
Infinitely adjustable - you can set the car on different levels. Dedicated for Customer coilover suspension!

On the rear for is required shortening bottom pin for the spring to 15mm!

- Valves 1/4" type 5/3 - 4pcs
- Tank: 15l 
- Tank brackets
- Compressor VIAIR 380C (optional other VIAIR)
- Pressure switch + Relay
- Control: Remote control with 9 buttons
- Manometers: 2x DUAL 2" VIAIR (optional for the tank)
- Aluminum Brackets for Bags
- Dedicated bags: RUBENA  130/2 (optional others)
- 6mm air hose: 30m
- Fittings
- Other fittings for tank and bags
- Shock absorbers TA/MTS

Other optional features:
- Powder coating bag brackets + 25Euro
- Shortening the front shock absorbers + 120Euro

Before purchasing ask about availability and waiting time.
air-RIDE sets do NOT have certificates and approvals on public roads.
Recommended by the producer - the pressure in the bags 130: max 6 bar

illustrative photo!

Schematic example: