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Mounting Brackets with Bags - Peugeot 406


442,00 €

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Mounting Brackets with Bags for:
- Peugeot 406

Just for FWD versions

Dedicated for Customer coilover suspension!

Dimensions needed:

Price for the whole set - 4 pieces

Precision-made aluminum frames with hard aluminum alloy. Bags for use on coilover suspension. Note - sometimes you may need sealing after mounting on the car.

- 4 complete mounting brackets
- Screws to twist and O-rings and sealing
- 130/2 RUBENA bags (can be changed for 130/3 for special order)

Before purchasing ask about availability and waiting time.
air-RIDE sets do NOT have certificates and approvals on public roads.
Recommended by the producer - the pressure in the bags 130: max 6 bar